Short Film
(in Pre Production)

Based on the Bachmann Prize-winning short story »Der Cousin« by Nava Ebrahimi.

Length: 15 minutes
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Format: 2.39:1 (cinemascope)
Language: English, Farsi, German
Produced by: University of Television ad Film Munich, PakFilms

Planned completion: 2024

Negar meets up with her cousin Kian, a successful dancer, at the Lincoln Center in New York. Seemingly unobserved the two talk in an empty concert hall about their past and their escape from Iran.


Deutschlandfunk Kultur:  Bachmannpreisträgerin Nava Ebrahimi
Zeit Online: über “Der Cousin”
SPIEGEL: Nava Ebrahimi gewinnt Bachmannpreis