I AM a Mermate
short film series | 10 min | 2021

 Anew kind of portrait series by Netflix showcasing the actors and filmmakers behind Netflix originals. The first portrait series that spans different genres, each episode unique in rhythm and style. All united by one common goal: bringing each protagonist’s uniqueness to life on screen.

In the first episode we portrait the actor Maximilian Mundt and his approach to masculinity. We follow him on his journey to becoming a mermate, challenging gender stereotypes.

created with: Maximilian Mundt
written and directed by Linda-Shiva Klinkhammer
produced by megaherz for Netflix

Netflix: Andreas Laux
dop: Cedric Schanze
editor: Judy Landkammer
productio design: Leonie Britz
styling: Leonie Volk
music: Nas Tea
sound deisgn: Oliver Görtz
color grading: Zé Maria
title design: Robert Mayer
producers: Oliver Gernstl, Fidelis Mager


Young Director Award 2022 Cannes – Shortlist – Best Short Film
Spotlight Award 2023 – Student Gold Serial
ADC Talent Award 2023  – Silver – Serial Concept
Young Director Award 2023 Cannes –  Shortlist – Best Original Series